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Here is a few of the cool things we do. 


Why have a dumb looking computer or website? Have you ever wondered how to make your site much more cooler? We know. Take a more modern approach? Let us help? Just click the button to get some free advice on your concepts on us. Need more help then just pick from most of the services listed below?

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We here @ Nerd Alert Computer Consulting think it's cool to share the key things that are essential for innovation. We love to add to the cultivating process of our community to push productivity with all of our clients. That is why we are proud to say that if you have a question or anything query of any matter give us a call? Consulting is free, and it's always cooler to be a help.You can add us on social media as well and ask us for advice there as we post ideas and other things to come. Choose from your favorite platform or all? Hope to hear from you soon, and stay cool?


Simple Ideas.
Big Results.

Here at Nerd Alert we all know how it is when you can't be productive. Our solutions start from the idea of what is a cost effective remedy for all our clients. Where we start from the idea of free to achieve the needed results based on the clients actual needs. So this way all services are all custom to the client. This is also more effective than cookie cutter solution as to this way the client will have the benefit of actually knowing the repairing process and not be out of the loop of recontruction or developement of services. Most repairs are just under a hour depending on the circumstances. Website design would require consulting and other input, but all services should be discussed with a tech prior to services being rendered.